So much good info to sift through 🤗 I tried Anytype as well but deleted it within a month. I will never understand why “competitors” of successful products make their products look and feel exactly like their competition with just a minor tweak or two. As far as I have seen this has RARELY been successful. I worked for a Pinterest rival start-up back in 2012 and got a first row seat to the phenomenon. People think safety over innovation when it should be the other way around. Why would I switch to Anytype when it’s really giving me nothing new and I’ve invested so much of my time into Notion? It’s now making me think of all the social media rivals that flop immediately. They use the same UI and approach as what they’re supposedly trying to replace. I’m think of Blue Sky Social, Spill, Mastodon and the most recent so-called Twitter competitor by Meta, Threads. Why can’t they wrap their brands around the fact that people want something NEW as in a completely different experience? I’m not the hugest fan of Substack but it has at least offered something truly new to the table--although it’s now starting to add features that are rehashing old ideas which is disappointing and annoying. Anyway, sorry for the rant! I just wanted to get that off my chest 🤣

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